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Worth £200? A Recruitment Drive

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Worth £200?

Something became flagrantly obvious in yesterday’s set of interviews when we asked the $64,000 question ‘would you be worth £200?’

What a dream question, and it came out ad-hoc and just right enough to throw wannabee’s completely off their stride!

It was wonderful to see potential applicants – applicants that would be hoping to meet our client-base – turn to jelly in that moment of realising that their TRUE worth would be half that or less, and they might as well continue with their application at another service provider.

Midlands Maidens though have drastically upped their game when it comes to joining our staff list, and rightly so if you wanted to meet up with our esteemed clients.

Consider the following short video from Passion VIP in Birmingham:

Ok then, how do I get to be worth £200?

The best way to influence us, would simply to be yourself.

Turning up punctually would be a great start, and remembering to give plenty of eye-contact at the interview is a definite bonus.

Remember that your interview is just that – an INTERVIEW – and we will be looking for any tell-tale signs that you might not be up to the mark.

‘Not being up to the mark’ however, is what girls from other agencies display, and by just ‘being yourself’ is what we are looking for.

Ok, so how do I apply?

The best way to apply, and to prove that you’re worth £200, is to visit our ESCORT JOBS page and fill in the application form.

We get many girls applying via text messages, WhatsApp messages, Twitter and Facebook, but they all get directed to the Escort Jobs page before even being considered.

The reason for this, is so that we can go through your application and see you ‘being yourself’ prior to contacting you.

You will then get a call-back at the time of your choosing when any meet-ups or video-links can be arranged.

What about my interview – any advice there?

You should treat your interview as though you were going to meet a client – ie smart but casual (no trakkies, twangers that show off your arse, or luminous boob-tubes with ‘I am a sexy byatch’ written on them), as these are signs of being a chav.

The interview should be treated like going for a business lunch, and ideally you should have a few questions to ask us, as well as answer all the questions we have with complete honesty.

In all probability, you won’t find out the result of your interview immediately as all interviews need to be cross-referenced – ‘cross-referenced’ being a point that some of the girls are just being fucking nosey.

If all goes well, we will be calling you an hour or so later with the wonderful news that you were in fact worth £200 or even more, and welcome to Midlands Maidens!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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